Message from the President

A Digital Studio is stupid enough to do just one thing better than to do two things rationally. I am working on my work with this spirit.

Norio Itabashi

CEO of Live-Commerce

From the President

Reviving disposable workers

My first connection to the Philippines was established when I outsourced a part of the e-commerce business run by my company to IT engineers from the Philippines in 2013.

In conclusion, Filipino engineers were more brilliant than I had imagined. They learned each IT technology I taught them, and they understood the Japanese quality of work.

The outsourcing of system development in Asian countries leaves the impression that a developed country outsorces temporary work to a less-developed one. In other words, they become "temporary disposable workers". I couldn't stand this system (or custom, so to say).

From a financial goal towards creating a relationship of trust - Changing the definition of "work"

There are many young people in the Philippines who haven't been able to get a regular job, even though they graduated from a prestigious university, and remain uninvolved at such temporary jobs. The majority of them work from home, on a PC connected to the Internet, earning small amounts of money. It can be said that there are few workers with a clear concept of working in an organization.

"Temporary disposable workers" have no choice but to accept jobs with minimum wages in order to receive work in the outsourcing market. Because of that, the money they receive is spent on daily living expenses, to say nothing of savings.

I felt strongly that I wanted to change this current state from the roots. That is because there were superb personnel who could even take part in the forefront of Japan's job market among the "temporary disposable workers".

At that time, I interviewed those workers in several outsourcing markets. Their purpose of work was money. People who seek more value than money in their work are rare. Making money the purpose of your work is not a bad thing in itself, but if your coworker feels that your purpose of working is money, you won't be able to maintain any further relationship with them after you achieve your goal.

From their viewpoint, where the purpose of working is money, the quickest option in order to get a job in the outsourcing market is to accept work even at the minimum wage. However, they won't be able to receive a stable income forever. There are many young people who don't know how to break out of this vicious circle, even though they have the skills. Rather, they don't even understand that they're in this vicious circle.

Therefore, I taught them that changing their definition of work from "money" to "creating a relationship of trust" will enable them to maintain good relationships on a long-term basis and gain a lot of value economically.

I maintained a relationship with those engineers and taught them over a long period of time. One of those engineers is now working in our office in Japan. She now has so much spare finances and time that she even invites her family to Japan occasionally. She succeeded in earning a lot of trust from her coworker and, as a result, she was able to obtain a high pay as well.

2018 – The Philippines became a growth engine

Two Filipinos to whom I taught the correct way of thinking about work grew so much that they eventually acquired an official visa in Japan and started working as company employees. They were now the ones who raised me to the next stage of growth.

I had the idea that I could expand my business to the Philippines with such personnel that have a correct way of thinking on the spot. I therefore opened an office in the Philippines in 2018 and started promoting my company's business in earnest. I increased the number of employees gradually - one at the beginning, two after three months, and three after half a year.

I taught them the purpose of working and corporate

Under the corporate philosophy of "introducing Japanese products to the world", I sell Japanese products all over the world.

The current forefront of IT system development is in the Philippines. What I have told them many times still stands. Without the trust of your coworkers - the coworkers being me, the boss, and the colleagues with whom they work together - you can't gain the trust of your clients.

I also taught them about self-management. Things like being punctual, observing the rules, and being honest. If you can't manage yourself, you cannot manage things such as clients' projects. I keep saying how important it is to be able to do such obvious things.

Expectations for the Philippines

Japan has an unprecedented declining birthrate and population aging problem. The number of married couples has decreased, as well as the number of children being born each year. On the other hand, the number of elderly people over the age of 70 is increasing.

Due to this social problem, Japan is lacking workforce in all industries. I've been predicting from around 2010 that such times would come.

I'm putting my expectations in the Philippines in the near future, from the standpoint of resolving these social issues in Japan as well.