Convey Japan to the World

We introduce Japanese products to the rest of the world!

Norio Itabashi

CEO of Live-Commerce

Hello everyone, I am Itabashi, CEO of Live-Commerce.

Are you considering to sell your products or services that are still unknown in Japanese market to the world?

Digital Studio is a company that supports corporate clients to sell their products overseas based on the business philosophy “Convey Japan to the world”. Since offering "support" alone would make us no different than a simple consulting firm, we have accumulated the know-how needed for selling Japanese products online by creating our very own online shopping "mall" called Discovery Japan Mall.

Our mission is to inform the rest of the world about the products of our clients. How wonderful it is to be able to introduce these products and services to the world.

Through continuing to “Convey Japan to the world,” we hope to add richness to the hearts of as many people as possible. This is the underlying sentiment behind our company motto.

Telling the world about Japan

What We Do

We are disseminating things about and from Japan to the world!

We introduce Japanese culture and sell Japanese contents (merchandise and services) throughout the world via our online platform.

Our company is a company that distributes and sells things about Japan (including products and services) to the world.

It is our mission to send clients’ products to the world. We introduce a wide variety of products and Japanese culture through the website.

Products that are created by craftsmen wholeheartedly, which includes fashion, animation, architecture, clothes, cuisine and toys that we usually use and enjoy, but in particular the products made in Japan are remarkably of outstanding standard and superb quality. This is something I often feel when going abroad.

Even if it's a toy or a dish, I always feel "This is amazing!” unintentionally, my heart dances and my face smiles. In this way, Japanese products enrich our lives. How wonderful it would be to convey Japan to the world, such thought is put in the management philosophy.

Five Aspects

About Live Commerce

Working together is not only a cultural exchange, but also an inspiration to each other.

If our company sparked your interest, you’re welcome to apply.

The number of employees at our company increases each year.

This is because companies that have noticed changes in domestic social conditions, such as a declining birthrate and an aging population, are starting to invest in the future businesses and have chosen Live-Commerce as one of those investment routes.

Whether it be customer support, system development or server management, every employee is engaged in their task with the company motto "Convey Japan to the world” in mind.

The increase in the number of employees every year is a manifestation of the active business investment of the overseas market. The level of requests from customers is high, and various issues are piled up every day. Fortunately, we have partners to assist us in creating solutions. Working in an organization that challenges the new world through online shopping, including interacting with foreign countries, is very challenging and exciting.

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Live Commerce is not a large corporation with thousands of employees.

Because of this, we don’t have a developed vertical sectioning amongst management yet. As this is a small organization of 20 to 30 people, we have the ability to solve problems together, as team members are able to talk directly to the president and share whatever opinions or issues that they might have.

However, for the sake of our growing team, and in order to promote task efficiency, we will need to take on a pyramidal system like those of large corporations. At this very moment, we are in the midst of creating a company system with the help of a consulting specialist. We are a “raw” company that is currently seeing the birth of new rules and in-house regulation changes. In other words, upon entering our work force, there is a possibility you will be tasked to do things that no one has done before or you may run into a project which everything has not been prepared yet. If you prefer growth more than stability, I think your life will be more exciting after joining us.

To tell the truth, working with our consultant on re-systemizing the company, I too can say that my daily work has never been so fun and exciting.

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"Convey Japan to the World” is not to go abroad and sell the products or services one by one in person. It is about delivering information to users all over the world by using the Internet.

As opposed to selling actual products at retail stores like at a shopping mall, we make the use of the internet to sell our products. In addition to putting knowledge and experience to good use through online shopping, our greatest strength is our utilization of systemized know-how, in other words, the latest information unknown to other companies. Based on this information, we developed and still developing user-friendly software and provide annual updates. In this lies the essence of our company.

In order to obtain the latest information, not only does one need the skills to actively go out and get it, high aspirations for taking on new challenges is also necessary. For instance, there are many foreign staff members in our company who handle our SNS marketing for overseas customers, manage offshore development with foreign companies and more. Communication with them will be in English, so English skills will be required depending on the job type. The IT industry has many very complex technical terms such as IT knowledge and online shopping knowledge.

But, no worries.

Every one of our new employees is unexperienced in the IT industry. We actively invest a lot into our in-house education for the sake of the inexperienced — myself included. We also irregularly hold study sessions.

If you can take on the challenge earnestly, you can obtain a position in these specialized jobs in no time.

If you have motivation and high ambition, you can understand most things in 1 to 2 years, and it will be very rewarding if you can use the knowledge to drive projects.

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It is said that 10,000 hours of practice will make a person an expert.

Starting the business at the age of 25, I spent about 12 hours a day developing software for about 4 years till the age of 29, in a total of about 11,520 hours. When you do something continuously for four years, you become better than the others around you. Here at Digital Studio, we engage in our work with the mindset that it is better to be a fool that excels at one thing, than to perform two or three tasks rationally. We are working in this spirit.

I believe that for most people, it is very difficult to continue doing one thing for 10,000 hours. But if you have the right environment and friends, it is most definitely achievable.

By the time you are approaching your 10,000th hour, I think you will be giving off a completely different aura than you do now. To put that into perspective, say, a customer issue that could potentially take you a week to solve now, could, after training for 10,000 hours, take you only one hour.

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Our company has a very positive stance when it comes to hiring foreigners.

At the moment, we have been hiring mainly from the Philippines.

Needless to say, your nationality does not matter.

Work as home-based at the beginning and depending on the progress of the project, we provide the opportunity for you to join us here in Japan to work together.

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